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                   Spreading Awareness for Pancreas Research

What is a PANCREAS and what can make it CRANKY?

The PANCREAS is a very powerful organ and an integral piece to the human body.  Many people don’t even know what their pancreas does, but for those who suffer from pancreatic problems or abnormalities, life is greatly affected and sometimes even taken.  Suffering can be long and painful.  Food can become your enemy.  Research on pancreatic diseases is sparse, and there are no cures.  Very much is misunderstood even throughout the medical community.  This site is here to spread awareness, share knowledge, offer real-life examples, and contribute to the support of pancreatic research - all through a patient's perspective.  If you or someone you know suffers from a disease of the pancreas, please find inspiration on these pages (especially the How You Can Help page, and any links provided throughout).  Even if you haven’t experienced problems with this organ but have stumbled across this site, you too may find this information helpful.  We can all learn from one another and walk in solidarity as we reach out to those who suffer.