• The National Pancreatic Disease Patient Registry - The National Pancreas Foundation has a National Patient Registry (NPR) that is a national research database used to track the health and treatments of people with pancreatic diseases. This data registry provides patients the opportunity to report their personal disease experiences through the NPF Patient Portal.  Read more about it and join here.

  • Another link - This is another link for a good pancreatic website... Pancreas.org.  

  • Pancreatitis on YouTube Great videos FULL of information about pancreatitis.  Dr. David Whitcomb, Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology  at UPMD, explains how the latest research can help physicians diagnose and treat patients with pancreatitis from various causes.  He also dispels some myths about the illness and about what doctors are still often taught in medical school. Get to them from here


The Third Annual  CREATE THE CURE
Charity Event For Pancreas Research
was held May 1st, 2014.

We raised more than $9,000!!

Thank you so much to those that supported

and attended this special event!!  It was a wonderful success!

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                   Spreading Awareness for Pancreas Research